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You wrote what? Oh my…Isn’t that…taboo?

As authors of erotic romance we all remember that first time we told a close friend or family member what it is we write about. Sure, we may have tried to hide it for awhile, but after their constant probing us for information we finally had to give in and tell them what it is we spend so long typing away about, with naughty words and all. When members of my family, aunts, uncles and grandparents found out what I wrote you could have hears a pin drop. My mother, god love her was mortified that her daughter was so vocal (albeit in the written word) with such things as sexuality. I got a few ‘well good for you’ or ‘that’s just super’ comments but their look betrayed them and showed their true feelings of shock.

Let’s face it, not many people understand erotic romance. I’ve heard it be referred to as smut, porn or countless other things. For those of us who write and read erotic romance we know how far from the truth that really is. For many, erotic romance opens up a part of our soul and breaks free our inner most desires. Being not just a writer, but also a reader of it, I love how an author’s story can stir up all sorts of emotions in you as you feel as though you’re right there in the scene with the characters.

With all that being said, I wasn’t always a fan of erotic romance. It’s not that I had anything against it at all. The truth was that I never had read any. One day while browsing titles at our now ill fated Borders I came across a book and decided to give it a chance. I was hooked within the first few chapters.  It wasn’t long before I found myself switching from my usual picks of Romance or Romantic Suspense to Erotic Romance. Oh sure I still like a good old fashioned romantic suspense or a plain old romance, but there is something about erotic romance that will always keep me coming back for more.

What book or author got you hooked on erotic romance? Was there an author or book that stood out to you and forced you to seek out more of their work? Tell us how you became a fan of the ever growing industry of erotic romance.  Leave your comment below and thanks for sharing with us!

Happy Reading – Nicole Morgan

BECK & CALL by Nicole Morgan

All Jenny wanted was to run her resort hotel without the constant interference from her boss. All Beck wanted, was her.

Jenny Somers is the General Manager at a resort hotel in the beautiful Caribbean. She loves her job, but she hates her boss. Constantly cutting corners to meet budget constraints she finds herself doing handyman work just to keep the hotel running.
Beck is a drifter who comes to Jenny’s rescue during a plumbing emergency at the hotel. He is arrogant, cocky and absolutely everything that Jenny despises in a man of his type.
Together Jenny and Beck find out just how real the term “opposites attract” is, and along the way find something they weren’t quite expecting along the way.

3 thoughts on “Welcome Nicole Morgan Today

  1. I honestly can’t recall the name of the author or the book that got me hooked on erotic romance. I just know I like it. I still read the suspence, romance and paranormal, but in the mix is always a few books of erotic romance. I’m glad I found out about it.

  2. Great blog! I have a friend who reads what I write, but tends to jump over the “sex”. lol! My first encounter with erotica romance was Maya Banks “Colter’s Woman”. As soon as I read it I realized what my own books were missing! I got to meet Maya at a writer’s convention, where I was also a featured author! I was awe struck to meet her! Thanks for the blog!

  3. What a gorgeous cover, Nicole! Who’s the artist?

    I came to ER through writing erotica. So I’m even more of a black sheep LOL.

    I’ve given up trying to explain myself or why I don’t write “serious” fiction. Although if they want serious they should read my latest novel Quarantine, about prison, prejudice and evil plots to control the world.

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