Moonlight & Magic is out December 21st

I am sooooo excited that finally, a new, never before been published Devon Falls book is coming-NEXT WEEK. *cue squeals and cheers*

I loved writing Michael and Dixie’s story and hope you enjoy it as well. Returning to Devon Falls at Halloween is fun and I got to revisit some of my favorite characters as well as tell a few surprises in store for a certain couple. *grins*

Here is a never before sneak peek excerpt of Michael and Dixie’s first kiss.

Moonlight and Magic
Devon Falls 5
Coming to Secret Cravings Publishing 12/21/2011
Tiger Shifter/Paranormal (M/F) Romance
Can a tiger shifter convince one stubborn woman that she is his for all time and show her that falling in love is just as sinful as a chocolate kiss?
Michael Barnes is a rare white were-tiger and is tired of roaming around the world alone. Meeting his destined mate was unexpected as well. Dixie Sinclair is fun, sexy, and everything he feels he doesn’t deserve. The past has a way of coloring a person’s life and it’s up to Michael to show Dixie that he is the one to hold her heart.

PG13 Excerpt:

Scene set up-Dixie is miffed her friends got Michael to walk her home and is confused by her reaction to him. Here is where he kisses her for the first time…

As her street loomed ahead of them, she stopped at the beginning of it and stuck her hand out. “Thanks for the escort, but since I’m almost home and nothing jumped out in front of me, I think I can handle getting to my house just fine.”
“Nope. I am to escort you to the house, not the street, Dixie,” the maddening man said as he looked at her with a smile on those luscious lips. Gritting her teeth, she tried to keep her frustration out of her face, but damn it all, she was old enough to walk home. It wasn’t like there was a crime wave in Devon Falls. Far from it.
Miffed, she stomped forward and tried not to hit the lug behind her. Of all the men in the world, I had to have one with a streak of chivalry in him she thought as her house finally came in view.
Breathing a sigh of relief, she turned and ran smack dab into the broad, hard chest…the chest her hands wanted to caress and explore among other parts of his body. A slight “oomph” came out of mouth as she looked up and felt herself drown under his gaze. It was like watching a movie in slow motion. She saw his face lean down and her one thought before those luscious lips settled on hers was Man, am I in trouble now.
Michael leaned forward. When he finally touched those kissable lips, he felt the spark that hit him the first time he touched her turn into an inferno. Pulling her close, he felt her body mold itself around him, fitting against his, and it was pure perfection. He couldn’t get enough of her. Kissing her was like diving into fire. She was a drug he craved, and he was determined to have it.
Feeling her kiss him back had him aching in more ways than one. Sliding his tongue along her lips had her gasping. Taking advantage of that, he slipped it in and began to duel with hers. The deep kisses made him want more, but before he took her against the trees, he gathered his last shred of control. With a last, deep kiss, he took a calming breath and leaned his head against hers, his breath choppy and his jeans a tad bit too tight at the moment.


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