Holiday Sneak Peek with Darlene Fredette

Christmas Treats #2 – Santa’s Nice List is an anthology with Still Moments Publishing.
My story ‘Redford Falls #1: Chocolate Kisses’ is the second story of three.

Blurb: When Jackson Frost returns to Redford Falls, Candi Cane knows he’s not only after her chocolate kisses.


Excerpt: Jackson Frost was back! Candi Cane expected surprise, but not a turbulent flood of emotions. Embarrassment heated her cheeks from the memory of their last encounter. Anger boiled in the pit of her stomach when she remembered his betrayal. Satisfaction caused the corner of her lips to lift to a smug grin over her act of revenge. Candi’s vengeance was the reason Jackson stood on the welcome mat in her shop.


Here’s a little bonus, it’s a recipe for Cherry Mice that is mentioned in my story that might be nice to include. Cherry mice: Pointy chocolate kisses for the face, cherry licorice tail, almond slices for ears, and red candy eyes.

And I was recently asked this question, which you might want to inlcude…if you have room. 

What inspired your Christmas Story?  

I actually started ‘Redford Falls #1: Chocolate Kisses’ last year during the Christmas holidays. The Christmas season always inspires me. The love of family, the fireplace glowing, twinkling lights, music, and a nice relaxing drink…can’t get a better atmosphere of romance than that!


5 thoughts on “Holiday Sneak Peek with Darlene Fredette

  1. Cherry mice sound so cute!!! I’m not sure I’d even want to eat them! That being said that’s something so easy to take to my mother-in-laws house!!!

    I adored Chocolate Kisses and can’t wait to continue reading Darlene’s story, as she is brilliant!

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