Update on the Devon Falls Series

Just a quick update on my series. I got exciting news….in 2012 the first five books of this series will be in print. Yep all five books in one omnibus. I am sooooo excited. I think I am still floating on air right now. *laughs* I can’t wait to see the cover for the volume 1 and once I get more news I will let you know.

Moonlight and Magic is out tomorrow. *Cue squeals and cheers* This is my first brand new, never before published Devon Falls story that I am hoping you all like. It has a white tiger shifter, a Halloween Masquerade Ball and lots of sexual tension. Plus a few sub-plots to get you excited about for another lucky couple. This story sets  up for a very special book coming late-2012 and you won’t want to miss it. I am sure you will be pleased as I am the way this one turned out. Plus you will see Rod from Haunting Magic in a way that had me giggling as I wrote it.

Now onto some news about this series that I haven’t told anyone yet….

Devon Falls is split into two parts-part 1 is the first five books with a special book in between to tie up any loose ends and all involve Magic of some kind. Afte that special book, the last–yes LAST–four books are about the last founding family, The Cravens.

The Cravens are elementals mages and the four siblings will be centered in these stories and close out the entire series.

The Craven Siblings are as follows:


Maxwell who is a Fire Elemental (Oldest)

Selena who is a Air elemental (Middle child)

The twins- Jorge (Earth elemental) and Lynx (water elemental). The twins might be one book but until I begin that one I am not sure. I am seeing something with that one but it isn’t clear yet in my head.

No titles yet nor do I have them plotted out. I plan to submit these at end of 2012 or early 2013-muse willing. *grins*

Now for my special news….in late 2012/early 2013, a very special book that has been hinted at since Fiery Magic and has been a sub-plot in one way or another in Haunting Magic and Moonlight and Magic is….A Devon Falls Wedding. Yep..Jenna and Marc are getting their very first full length novel. I am tieing up any loose plot points, favorite characters are coming back to help these two people celebrate their wedding plus some new characters will be introduced as well. Here is the working book blurb (may change as soon as I begin writing it):

A special event is coming to Devon Falls on a warm June afternoon…can Jenna and Marc find a way to calm their respective families before their big day goes bust?

Jenna Sinclair and Marc du Bree have fallen in love and now with a baby on the way, decide to get married as soon as possible. They never figured their families would be the cause of their problems and add in a Fae Prince who decides that Jaxon’s cousin Grady is a perfect sweet mint to devour; Jenna and Marc have their work cut out for them. Can their Devon Falls Wedding go off without a hitch or will their family & friends make them toss their hands in the air and run off to Vegas instead?

I am hoping to push this to novel length so we shall see. 🙂 I begin writing it once I finish three projects up and hope to get to my publisher by mid to late 2012.

Then this is done. A bittersweet moment I am thinking since I have been writing this series in one shape or form for over 6 years. But I am excited that people are loving Devon Falls and have asked for more. I might do some free stories to keep you all happy in the interim. Never know. 🙂

Now go…shoo and go buy Moonlight and Magic…..I need to go sit down with my muse so we can plan the final swan song of my beloved series. Thank you for embracing this series and me. 🙂 I am very grateful for my readers for taking the residents of Devon Falls in their hearts.


New Cover Goodness

So excited….just got the finalized cover for my re-release of Fantasies Unbound. Dawne Dominique did an amazing job and Skye, my heroine is front and center on the cover. Gorgeous isn’t it?

Fantasies Unbound

Coming in early 2012 from Secret Cravings Publishing

Can destiny lead a Fae Prince to the one woman who can complete him mind, body and soul?

Prince Aryan has searched his world for the one woman that is his destined mate but has just about given up when he is lead to the human world. Even though it is forbidden to fall in love with one, he finds Skye Andrews completely delectable and wonders if she is his chosen love.

Skye Andrews has just about had it with men. After another disastrous date, she turns to her Aunt who gives her a love potion to try. With a magic spell and a mysterious face haunting her waking days; will Skye be able to find the love she is looking for? Can these two make it work or will their differences tear them apart?

Welcome Suzie Tullett Today

Hi and welcome to my blog, Suzie. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  So tell us a little about yourself.

I’d like to start by saying a big thank you for having me today, Raine… I’m author Suzie Tullett, from Lancashire in the North of England.  I’ve been married for 23 years and have two very gorgeous sons; one of whom now lives in China and one who lives just outside London.  Prior to writing novels I was a scriptwriter by profession, although in the early days of my writing career I was also lucky enough to have some poetry and short stories published, too.



Q: What genre do you write and for what publisher(s)?

I write contemporary women’s fiction and because I love to make people laugh, it tends to have a very humorous slant.

Saying that, my latest release (published by Mirador) seems to have appealed to a male readership as well – something that came as a bit of a surprise!


Q: Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it?

Going Underground explores issues surrounding how people have a tendency to live ‘in’ the past, as opposed to living ‘with’ it.  And how doing so can impact not just on their own lives as individuals, but also on everyone else’s around them. Using both comedy and pathos, it’s a very human and poignant tale; one that follows a series of journeys – physical, spiritual and metaphorical, examining relationships on all levels along the way.  And not just that of husband and wife either, but friendships old and new.


As far as the book’s setting goes, my husband can take the credit for that.  He’s been a part of the scooter scene ever since he was a young teenager and there’s only so many mornings an author can wake up to Paul Weller’s ‘Town Called Malice’ before feeling the need to put it to some other good use!  So I suppose my husband can take credit for Going Underground having its very own soundtrack as well.


Q: How do you build characters, their personalities and looks?

Usually characters come from a statement I might hear – something said by a complete stranger and totally out of context with regards to the rest of their conversation.  I then use this to conjure up a whole persona, warts and all; right down to something as simple as their favourite colour and why that is, or where they went to school and whether or not they fit in there.

In fact, a lot of what I write when it comes to developing characters doesn’t actually ever reach the page, but it’s all necessary groundwork if I want to write well rounded characters that readers can believe in.



Q: Tell me about some of your heroes/heroines.

In Going Underground, the hero and heroine are Tracey and Jonathan, a couple who’ve spent years trying to get pregnant. And having finally achieved what once seemed the impossible, we’re introduced to them just two weeks before the baby’s due date.  Of course, Tracey can’t wait to be a mum, whereas Jonathan is a reluctant father-to-be, leaving Tracey no choice but to turn private investigator in a bid to find out why.

In many ways, these two are opposites – she tends to be very up front, whereas he’s quite reticent – a combination that on the whole has served them well.  But when Tracey unwittingly sets off a chain of events that could signal their relationship’s downfall, if they’re to secure any continuing future together at all, they’re going to have to learn to trade places.



Q: What do you do when the muse decides to take a holiday or become really difficult? How do you try to coax them back to the drawing board?

Thankfully, I’ve never had to quite deal with this issue yet.  I’ve felt him trying to sneak away the odd couple of times, but so far I’ve been able to drag him back before he’s managed to escape completely.



Q: Do you have any specific things (or rituals) that help you to write or that inspire you?

Nothing major, just silly things like always using a specific kind of pen and notebook.  You see, I’m not one of those writers who can sit at a computer for days on end, I have to flit between typing and hand writing – usually taking myself off somewhere different when it comes to the latter, such as a coffee shop.  The change of scenery seems to do me some creative good and as strange as it might sound, so does being surrounded by people.



Q: If you could go back to a specific historical event, what one would it be and why?

Now this question I can’t really answer.  You’re asking a woman who unfortunately knows very little about history – at school, we never seemed to get past the Vikings.


Q: Does travel play a part in your stories? Have you ever traveled for research purposes for a book?

Travel does feature, yes, in both Going Underground and in the book I’m currently working on…

In Going Underground, the characters go from the North of England to the South coast – not the most glamorous of journeys, I have to admit, especially when one set of travel companions are travelling on scooters, with the other set squashed into a classic, little mini!  But I did do the journey, myself, prior to writing the novel, to make sure I got the details of the places along the way just right and that my directions were geographically correct…  Although unlike my characters, I also had something of a more comfortable ride when I did it.

Thankfully for me, the book I’m working on at the moment does have a more glamorous journey to it.  Lydia, my protagonist, goes from the UK to a Greek island in the Dodecanese. Not that we see how she actually gets there; the story is more about her emotional journey upon arrival, when she finds herself having to deal with one escapade after another. And, of course, this meant I had to spend time there as well – all in the name of research.



Q: Are there any authors who have influenced your work?

I do like the down to earth humour in many of the Marianne Keyes novels, the quirkiness in characters of Australian author, Liane Moriarty (The Last Anniversary) and I found the situation comedy that Karen Quinn brought to her novel The Ivy Chronicles absolutely hilarious – many of her scenes still making me laugh to this day… it would be nice to think I’ve managed to bring just a little bit of each into my own writing.



Q: What comes first for you: Setting? Storyline? Characters? Or a combination of all three?

Definitely character for me.  An imaginary person pops into my head ready to be developed into a full blown persona; then I think about what their life is like and what event could possibly turn that life right on its head. And only then do any settings and storylines really come into play.  



Q: If one of your books became a movie, which celebrity(s) would you like to star as your main character(s)?

It’s funny you should ask me this; readers are constantly telling me Going Underground would make a great movie adaptation.  But then again, that’s probably my scriptwriting experience coming into play throughout all of my writings. 


The tone of this book is definitely Brit Flick in novel form, so I guess I should go with British Actors …  So for the men  I’d probably have Jude Law playing Jonathan, Eddie Webber as Mickey P. and Danny Dyer as The Ace Face. And when it comes to the women, it would be nice to see Sally Hawkins and Andrea Riseborough in the line up. 



Q: What do you have coming next? Anything you want to tell us?

At the moment I’m concentrating on writing my next novel.  A comedy about a woman who tells a little white lie that then turns into a great big whopper.  And as events start to snowball out of her control as a result, before she knows it, she’s in way over her head  



Q: If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

It would probably have to be something along the lines of ‘Woman with attitude!’ Although I mean this in the nicest possible way.



Q: What else would you like readers to know about you or your work?

I like to write stories with characters that readers can identify with, often fusing both comedy and tragedy to demonstrate how very often one can stem from the other.   


Q: Where can we find you on the web?

Blog: www.suzietullett.blogspot.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Suzie-Tullett/221204154583599


Going Underground by Suzie Tullett.
A laugh out loud, feel good novel with Brit Flick flair..

At 8 ¾ months pregnant, Tracey Parkes has everything she wants in life.  A nice house, even if it is a bit on the small side, a long awaited baby on the way and a reliable husband to boot… Well, as reliable as a husband can be when he’s keeping a long held secret – a secret she’s desperate to uncover.

But with Jonathan continuing to keep schtum over the whole thing, Tracey is forced to turn to his past for answers.  And it’s the unfortunate death of his old friend, Malcolm that provides her with just the opportunity she’s been waiting for – an opportunity she soon wishes she hadn’t taken.

Of course, the last thing Tracey expects is to find both herself and her humongous belly squashed into the back of a classic, little Mini – all in a desperate attempt to catch up with three men on two vintage scooters.  But with Jonathan seemingly hell bent on facing up to a past he’s spent years trying to forget, what choice does the mother-to-be have?



“Did you know,” asked Megan. “That the name ‘Louise’ actually means ‘famous battle maid’?”

All very interesting, considered Tracey, at the same time wondering what on earth the girl was going on about. But a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will suffice.

“And everyone knows that grief can make people do things they wouldn’t normally do, don’t they?” she continued.

Yep, now I’m completely lost, the mother-to-be couldn’t help but tell herself – unable to quite connect the two statements in relation to each other, let alone with a request to drive both her and Andrea down to Brighton.

“And should one particular famous battle maid feel the grief stricken need, the last thing I want is my Ace Face in a position where he has no choice but to oblige, isn’t it?”

“Right…” said Tracey and in realising this was all somehow part of Megan’s decision making process, she found herself slowly nodding in agreement – despite not having a clue as to what it was that she was actually agreeing with.

In fact, none of what this young woman was saying was making any sense whatsoever and she began to wonder if this had been such a good idea after all.

She looked to Andrea for some assistance.

“So, does that mean you will drive us to Brighton then?” Andrea duly obliged.

“Yes,” came Megan’s simple reply. “Of course it does.”

Tracey shook her head, by now completely baffled.

“Louise is Malc’s girlfriend,” whispered Andrea, by way of an explanation. “The plan is for her to meet up with the boys when it comes to them scattering his ashes.”

Not that Tracey gave one iota who planned to be present, as long as by then Jonathan wasn’t amongst them.

“You two load your bags up,” Megan instructed, whilst pointing in the general direction of the garage. “I’ll go and let mum and dad know where I’m off and then I’ll grab my toothbrush.”

Tracey watched her happily head off back inside the house, at the same time speculating over whether or not she’d inadvertently entered some sort of twilight zone – a feeling that only got worse when Andrea proceeded to lift the up and over garage doors, revealing what had been hidden within.

She looked from what she saw to Andrea and back again.

“You’ve got to be kidding?” she said. “Someone please tell me this isn’t happening.”


Going Underground is available in all good book stores and on Amazon in both the UK and US, in paperback and many e-reader formats.












Stuff Your Stocking Blog Hop-Win LOTS of Prizes

Get ready for the Stuff Your Stockings Blog Hop…my contributions is a snippit from Sticky Magic, my holiday Devon Falls story. Click HERE to go to the main Blog Hop Page for more blog hop participants.

CONTEST: Leave me your favorite holiday candy to enjoy and be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to Barnes & Nobles Bookstore. Make sure to leave your email address with your comment so if you win I can contact you. 

Devon Falls 1: Sticky Magic
Paranormal/Holiday Erotic Romance
Buy at Secret Cravings (click on cover), Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Nobles Nook Store and Bookstrand

Jenna never expected to see the one man to make her heart spin and her body clench in desire walk into her Candy Shoppe. With just one look, Marc du Bree captures her elusive heart and takes her on a journey that will either make her his for all time or have her run as fast as she can away from him!

Will Jenna be able to accept Marc’s secret or will Marc lose the one woman he has been searching for?

Groaning, Marc couldn’t believe the erotic picture he saw with Jenna sliding her hands up around his cock. Closing his eyes in the ecstasy of her touch and talented tongue had him almost coming right then and there if not for sheer will power on his behalf.

“Please, sweetheart, enough, or I am going to come all over myself.” Marc huskily said as he pulled her up along himself.

Jenna leaned down and kissed him sweetly as she sat up and positioned herself over his straining cock. She tenderly slid down inch by inch, and his hardness was welcomed in the velvet wetness of her pussy, gripping him in anticipation only he could deliver. Groaning, Marc restrained himself from slamming into her as his eyes started to light up again.

Soon, he was encased in Jenna’s pussy and as she began to get her rhythm, Marc teased her nipples with light tugging and teasing, forcing a husky, desire-laden groan from her. “Let it go, mia cara. Let me feel you come over my cock.” Marc said as he heard, then felt, her orgasm scream through her. Feeling her pussy walls tighten and grip his cock had Marc thrusting faster until he moaned with desire as his orgasm literally overflowed Jenna’s pussy.

Panting softly, Jenna slumped over his body, exhausted and still trembling from the effects of their joining. She turned her head and kissed Marc’s shoulder as she tumbled into sleep.

“Ahhh, cara mia, you delight me.” Marc said as he ran a hand from the nape of her neck to her hip. Making sure she was comfortable, he tumbled off to sleep as well, content in knowing she was right there beside him forever.

Holiday Sneak Peek with ZA Maxfield’s I Heard Him Exclaim

I Heard Him Exclaim by ZA Maxfield

Carina Press

Contemporary LGBT


This title is also available as part of the His For The Holidays anthology

Who Likes a Skinny Santa?

Steve Adams’s heart hasn’t been in the Christmas spirit ever since doctors put a stent in it and ordered him to clean up his act. No longer filling out his Santa suit or allowed to make merry, he’s forgoing the holidays this year and heading to Vegas to indulge in the few vices left to him: gambling and anonymous sex.

His road trip takes a detour when he encounters Chandler Tracey, who’s just inherited guardianship of his five-year-old niece. Overwhelmed, Chandler’s on his way to deliver Poppy to his parents. But fate has other plans and, after car trouble, Chandler and Poppy accept a ride home with Steve. Though the heat between the two men is obvious, they put it on simmer while they band together to make Poppy’s Christmas as perfect as possible.

Steve soon comes to believe that while Chandler is the right person to look after Poppy, someone needs to look after Chandler. Fortunately, Steve knows just the man for the job.


Rudolph, the red-nosed ’69 Super Bee Six Pack ate up the tarmac after Barstow. If Steve hadn’t been driving like a bat out of hell, he might have enjoyed it more. He missed lazing around when the weather cooled down in the winter, when the sporadic yet drenching California rain made it harder to get jobs. When the wind blew from the north and the light slanted in through his kitchen window at its lowest angle, it was time to drag out the furry suit and play Santa.

Something in the crisp air gave him the holiday urge—a combination of energy, enthusiasm and lack of self-control peculiar to the men of his family. His father and brothers already had the light wars going. Even his sister, who could usually be counted on to keep a level head all the way through Valentine’s Day, had baked so much that delicious smells emanated from her house and surrounded it like scented magic.

It was a lousy time to be feeling sorry for himself but he was, damn it.

He missed smoking.

It wasn’t as if he ever smoked in his little red honey car, but he missed having the pack in his pocket, missed the sure and certain knowledge that it was there, waiting for him to hit the rest stop before Zzyzx and Baker. He still held his Zippo in his right hand and drove with his left while he flipped the lighter’s lid open and closed, rhythmically, to the music on the car’s scratchy original AM radio. The Mad Greek would be another big hurdle. Usually he chowed down on a gyro or two, fat with greasy mystery meat and dripping with that creamy white sauce he couldn’t pronounce.

Not happening anymore, ’cause he was newly trim, down to a lean 190 pounds on his six-foot-four-inch frame. He was now defined by good habits and clean living and muscles he hadn’t known were there before they put the stent—and the fear of God—into his heart the previous January.

So this year, Monrovia’s best-loved Santa was heading out of town.

Vegas, baby.

’Cause if anything in the world could soothe a man who’d lost his holiday cheer, it was the garish excesses of the one place on Earth that could afford to blow a billion bucks on a seasonal display that sucked the joy right out of the season itself.

Merry. Fucking. Christmas.


Vegas wasn’t the worst place for a dysfunctional man to go for the holidays. He could watch a couple of the shows and wallow in the absurdity of being an out-of-character Santa at Christmastime. And if he was in Vegas he wouldn’t have to think about all the people he was letting down this year.

Especially, he wouldn’t have to think about them.

Hell, he might be able to find some company for an evening or two. A like-minded holiday escapee maybe. A man who didn’t mind a slightly scrawny bear. Or possibly he’d even score himself a fuzzy little bear cub with a glint in his eye for the weekend. Someone who hadn’t had his twinkle surgically removed by a cardiologist.

That could rev up Rudolph’s specially rebuilt six-pack engine.

Welcome Nicole Morgan Today

You wrote what? Oh my…Isn’t that…taboo?

As authors of erotic romance we all remember that first time we told a close friend or family member what it is we write about. Sure, we may have tried to hide it for awhile, but after their constant probing us for information we finally had to give in and tell them what it is we spend so long typing away about, with naughty words and all. When members of my family, aunts, uncles and grandparents found out what I wrote you could have hears a pin drop. My mother, god love her was mortified that her daughter was so vocal (albeit in the written word) with such things as sexuality. I got a few ‘well good for you’ or ‘that’s just super’ comments but their look betrayed them and showed their true feelings of shock.

Let’s face it, not many people understand erotic romance. I’ve heard it be referred to as smut, porn or countless other things. For those of us who write and read erotic romance we know how far from the truth that really is. For many, erotic romance opens up a part of our soul and breaks free our inner most desires. Being not just a writer, but also a reader of it, I love how an author’s story can stir up all sorts of emotions in you as you feel as though you’re right there in the scene with the characters.

With all that being said, I wasn’t always a fan of erotic romance. It’s not that I had anything against it at all. The truth was that I never had read any. One day while browsing titles at our now ill fated Borders I came across a book and decided to give it a chance. I was hooked within the first few chapters.  It wasn’t long before I found myself switching from my usual picks of Romance or Romantic Suspense to Erotic Romance. Oh sure I still like a good old fashioned romantic suspense or a plain old romance, but there is something about erotic romance that will always keep me coming back for more.

What book or author got you hooked on erotic romance? Was there an author or book that stood out to you and forced you to seek out more of their work? Tell us how you became a fan of the ever growing industry of erotic romance.  Leave your comment below and thanks for sharing with us!

Happy Reading – Nicole Morgan

BECK & CALL by Nicole Morgan

All Jenny wanted was to run her resort hotel without the constant interference from her boss. All Beck wanted, was her.

Jenny Somers is the General Manager at a resort hotel in the beautiful Caribbean. She loves her job, but she hates her boss. Constantly cutting corners to meet budget constraints she finds herself doing handyman work just to keep the hotel running.
Beck is a drifter who comes to Jenny’s rescue during a plumbing emergency at the hotel. He is arrogant, cocky and absolutely everything that Jenny despises in a man of his type.
Together Jenny and Beck find out just how real the term “opposites attract” is, and along the way find something they weren’t quite expecting along the way.

Moonlight & Magic is out December 21st

I am sooooo excited that finally, a new, never before been published Devon Falls book is coming-NEXT WEEK. *cue squeals and cheers*

I loved writing Michael and Dixie’s story and hope you enjoy it as well. Returning to Devon Falls at Halloween is fun and I got to revisit some of my favorite characters as well as tell a few surprises in store for a certain couple. *grins*

Here is a never before sneak peek excerpt of Michael and Dixie’s first kiss.

Moonlight and Magic
Devon Falls 5
Coming to Secret Cravings Publishing 12/21/2011
Tiger Shifter/Paranormal (M/F) Romance
Can a tiger shifter convince one stubborn woman that she is his for all time and show her that falling in love is just as sinful as a chocolate kiss?
Michael Barnes is a rare white were-tiger and is tired of roaming around the world alone. Meeting his destined mate was unexpected as well. Dixie Sinclair is fun, sexy, and everything he feels he doesn’t deserve. The past has a way of coloring a person’s life and it’s up to Michael to show Dixie that he is the one to hold her heart.

PG13 Excerpt:

Scene set up-Dixie is miffed her friends got Michael to walk her home and is confused by her reaction to him. Here is where he kisses her for the first time…

As her street loomed ahead of them, she stopped at the beginning of it and stuck her hand out. “Thanks for the escort, but since I’m almost home and nothing jumped out in front of me, I think I can handle getting to my house just fine.”
“Nope. I am to escort you to the house, not the street, Dixie,” the maddening man said as he looked at her with a smile on those luscious lips. Gritting her teeth, she tried to keep her frustration out of her face, but damn it all, she was old enough to walk home. It wasn’t like there was a crime wave in Devon Falls. Far from it.
Miffed, she stomped forward and tried not to hit the lug behind her. Of all the men in the world, I had to have one with a streak of chivalry in him she thought as her house finally came in view.
Breathing a sigh of relief, she turned and ran smack dab into the broad, hard chest…the chest her hands wanted to caress and explore among other parts of his body. A slight “oomph” came out of mouth as she looked up and felt herself drown under his gaze. It was like watching a movie in slow motion. She saw his face lean down and her one thought before those luscious lips settled on hers was Man, am I in trouble now.
Michael leaned forward. When he finally touched those kissable lips, he felt the spark that hit him the first time he touched her turn into an inferno. Pulling her close, he felt her body mold itself around him, fitting against his, and it was pure perfection. He couldn’t get enough of her. Kissing her was like diving into fire. She was a drug he craved, and he was determined to have it.
Feeling her kiss him back had him aching in more ways than one. Sliding his tongue along her lips had her gasping. Taking advantage of that, he slipped it in and began to duel with hers. The deep kisses made him want more, but before he took her against the trees, he gathered his last shred of control. With a last, deep kiss, he took a calming breath and leaned his head against hers, his breath choppy and his jeans a tad bit too tight at the moment.