Welcome Dominique Eastwick Today

  Please give a warm welcome to my friend, Dominique Eastwick who writes some really good books. 🙂

Hi and welcome to my blog, Dominique Eastwick. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  So tell us a little about yourself.

Q: What genre do you write and for what publisher(s)? I write contemporary Erotic Romance and I have just finished my first paranormal Erotic Romance. I write for Musa Publishing and Decadent Publishing

Q: Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it? Shifting Hearts is the my upcoming release it is the first in the Wiccan Haus Series, a multiple author series with Musa Publishing,  It’s a story and an introduction to the world as well.

Q: How do you build characters and their personalities and looks? I usually get the characters in my head long before I sit down to write, they come to me while I am driving or sometimes when I am taking a walk. As they slowly form they tell me their story.

Q: Tell me about some of your heroes/heroines.

Hunting is my Tall dark and Brooding, he doesn’t say much but watches and observes everything around him. Tony, Hunters Best friend, is a Playboy but that’s just the persona he shows the world, under it all he is a protective loving man.Gavin is the older I know what I want and I am going to go after it type And Rekkus is my tall dark and gorgeous shifter head of Security at the Wiccan Haus. The ladies are all strong women who are comfortable with their bodies, Haven, Mia and Dana are all rubenesque woman who don’t need a man but love how these men make them feel. JC is my most complex heroine she has so much baggage and comes across as strong but only when it comes to Hunter

Q: What do you do when the muse decides to take a holiday or become really difficult? How do you try to coax them back to the drawing board? Thalia is my muse and she and I do not always see eye to eye, she has a sense of humor and likes If she isn’t being helpful I challenge myself to write 500 words of anything, doesn’t matter what I usually find I end up writing more than that.

Q: Do you have any specific things (or rituals) that help you to write or that inspire you?  Just my Mean Tea, unsweet tea with caffine if you please.

Q: If the world was to end tomorrow, what three things would be on your bucket list? Ohh good question, I would want to see Lake Victoria Falls, Mount Kilauea erupt, and I think the Parthenon

Q: Are there any authors who have influenced your work? I think Julia Quinn influenced me the most she has a wonderful way of adding humor to her writing that has you laughing out loud, that is what I would strive to create.

Q: What comes first for you: Setting? Storyline? Characters? Usually it’s the characters they come to me tell me about them and when they get loud enough I write about them.  They tend to be the stable part of the story; the storyline and the setting usually change from time to time.

Q: If one of your books became a movie, which celebrity would you like to star as your main characters?   Honestly and I know its type casting but Joe Manganiello as Rekkus I mean is there any more perfect man to play a shifter then him. GRRRR

Q: What do you have coming next? Anything you want to tell us?  I have three things in the making, Yes three because I could never just finish with one before moving on to another. I am working on something to submit to the 1NS series at Decadent, I am working on Lucas story the third in the Sherman series and am in edits with Shifting Hearts and I have a few more stories simmering for that series at Musa

Q: If you came with a warning label, what would it say? Danger live wire

Q: What else would you like readers to know about you or your work?  That for me the sex is secondary to the story, without the sex there is still a love story between the pages.

Q: Where can we find you on the web? You can find me

Website http://www.DominiqueEastwick.com

Blog http://dominiqueeastwick.blogspot.com/

Twitter @ Dominieastwick

Facebook http://facebook.com/dominique.eastwick

Sneak Peek into Hunting JC by Dominique Eastwick

What JC wants JC gets, and she wants Hunter no matter what.

Hunter Brooks has spent the last decade staying as far away from the Sherman family and Jacinda Sherman as possible. No matter how much Hunter might want Jacinda, honor dictates a man doesn’t go near a best friend’s baby sister. But now, she is safely married so all should be safe. Can Hunter pay J.C.’s price and still come out on top?

Her whole life, Jacinda Sherman let everyone tell her what she can and cannot have. That includes Hunter. Now she’s grown up, divorced, and what J.C. wants J.C. gets. This time, Hunter won’t be leaving without J.C. getting what she desires.

Can these two lovers find a way to live happily ever after? Or will life throw a wrench in their carefully laid plans?



As Hunter cleared the doorframe, he was attacked—not by a mugger or drunken man, but by J.C. Her hand twined through his hair and brought his mouth down to hers. Her lips moved under his, begging him to open to her, begging him to give her a try. She took his hand and placed it on her full breast. Her nipples immediately pearled in his hand.

His mind screamed to stop this now, but his body didn’t seem to be listening. From the moment her soft, full lips touched his, he was putty in her hand. His only hope of survival was that she had not yet become aware of it.

“J.C.—” He moaned into her mouth and said unconvincingly, “We can’t do this.”

“Shh.” She pressed her breast further into his hand. “Just feel me; let me feel you.”

“Jacinda, will you listen to me?”

“Not if your words have anything to do with ‘this isn’t right’ or ‘Jacinda, this can’t happen between us.”

“Exactly, that is…”

“Shh.” Jacinda put her fingers against his mouth. Electrical vibrations hummed through her fingertips into his lips. “Please let me do this for you. I want to taste you.”

Five words were his undoing. I want to taste you

Hunter didn’t care any more; honor be damned! He wanted her. She knew that. She could feel his arousal against her stomach. His cock was straining against his jeans now, begging to be set free. He was on the edge, wanting so much for her to touch him, to help release the agony he had felt ever since she got out of the pool this morning, soaked to the skin.

He kissed her with an urgency born out of need and desire. Somewhere in the last few minutes, his body and brain stopped communicating. His body just took over. He no longer cared that this could jeopardize his long-standing relationship with Tony. Never mind the rest of the Sherman clan. He no longer cared that this was something he had promised himself wouldn’t happen. He only cared that he couldn’t get enough of her. He drank from her and was still thirsty.



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