Welcome DC Juris

Art Imitating Life by DC Juris

Hi folks! DC Juris here. I’ll be your guest host for today. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a transgender fella who writes GLBTQ and heterosexual romance, but mostly m/m.

For today’s prompt, and because I’m generally crappy at coming up with things to blog about, I asked my Facebook friends what they want to know. My good friend, and fellow m/m romance writer, Ellis Carrington came up with six questions—here’s one of them: What inspired your latest story?

My latest release from Breathless Press is a little tale called “Relearning the Ropes.” On the outside, it looks just like any other BDSM story. Guy meets guy, guys have similar interests, guys think each other are hot, guys end up in bed. But the story is really about healing, and is loosely based on a gay couple who actually exist.


Things didn’t unfold quite the same as in my story, but a Dom friend of mine found himself drastically attracted to and in love with a submissive man unlike any he’d ever encountered. My friend—let’s call him Hot Dom (because OMG he is)—was used to the play scene; he’d go to clubs, meet up with people he knew in seedy back rooms, have a little fun, and head home. He’d never actually mixed business with pleasure, so to speak, and played with anyone he had feelings for.

Well then along came this needy little sub, one of those folks you just want to hug and put in your pocket and keep safe. Everyone reacts to him that way—even bewildered straight guys end up rescuing him. We’ll call him Sweet Sub. So, one day Hot Dom and Sweet Sub meet. They have a lot in common, and there’s an instant attraction. Couple years go by, and Hot Dom calls me up in the middle of the night, and this happens:

Him: (no hello, or anything) “Have you ever heard this song “Shameless” by Garth Brooks?”

Me: (grumbling something about him being an asshole) “Um…yeah. It’s a Billy Joel song, really. Why?”

Him: “That’s Sweet Sub. That’s him. That’s how I feel about him.”

Me: “Um…and?”

Him: “What do I do about this? I can’t Dom someone I love.”

Me: “Why not?”

Him: (silence)

Me: “Listen, he likes you as much as you like him, he’s said so. So, just call him up…not now…maybe, you know, after the sun rises, and talk to him. Tell him you’ve never done the whole Dom-in-love-thing, but you want to. You know. Dom him. Isn’t that what you do, after all?”

Him: “Sometimes I hate you.”

Me: “Meh. You can spank me next weekend for it.”

At which point, he hung up, and I turned on the TV. I don’t go back to sleep easily. But it got me thinking, this could be a really good story. And viola—”Relearning the Ropes” was born. And you know, I never did get my spanking!


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