Welcome D.C. Juris today

Ex-spiration by DC Juris


Hi folks! DC Juris here. I’ll be your guest host for today. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a transgender fella who writes GLBTQ and heterosexual romance, but mostly m/m.


For today’s prompt, and because I’m generally crappy at coming up with things to blog about, I asked my Facebook friends what they want to know. My good friend, and fellow m/m romance writer, Ellis Carrington came up with six questions—here’s one of them: Have you ever written an ex into a character?


The short answer to this is no. Of course not. I’d never do such a thing.


The more devious answer is…maybe. ::puts pinky finger next to mouth and smirks::


Of course, I’d never completely base any character on anyone I actually know. But I have to admit, certain characters, mostly secondary ones, have reminded me more than a little of people I’ve met—and mostly ones I didn’t like.


For instance Vincent’s wife in “Finding Sanctuary” reminds me quite a lot of an ex girlfriend of mine. And Derek’s mother in the Derek and Oscar stories is a lot like my mother, but without the eventually acceptance. In fact, in the beginning of that story, I had actually accidentally named her after my own mother—something Hubby had to point out to me before I realized it.

Especially with the more ::ahem:: narrow minded characters, it’s hard for me to not draw on people I know. Growing up queer in the South isn’t a picnic, so I have more than a few folks I can use for inspiration in that category. Oddly, I often find myself at a loss for examples of nice people—not lead characters, but supporting ones. I don’t really have any experience with strong, nurturing families, or being accepted, which is probably why my characters don’t either.


Come to think of it, my Breathless Press editor commented on that during one of my most recent releases, “Who Better Than Canyon,” because Canyon’s family didn’t accept him when he came out.

All in all though, my characters tend to be their own people. Most of them have jobs I’d never have. For instance Oscar from the Derek and Oscar books is a chef, and I detest all but the simplest of cooking. And though Anne from my lesbian story, “Tenacious Bea and the Bite of Destiny,” is a photographer at heart, she works for the Department of Health, a place I don’t even want to visit, frankly, let alone work.


There’s also a big difference in our sexual lives. Though I’m definitely adventurous and into BDSM, my boys in “Finding Sanctuary” go the extra mile and delve into water sports. Yeah…no.  LOL So not my thing!


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