Introducing Lily Sawyer…



Hi and welcome to my blog, Lily Sawyer. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  So tell us a little about yourself.


Q: What genre do you write and for what publisher(s)?  I write in the m/m contemporary genre.  After watching Brokeback Mountain I got inspired to start writing fanfic stories to fix the ending of that story.   Then went onto writing original stories.


Q: Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it?

My latest piece is called “Somebody to Love.”    One of my characters is a florist, I love flowers and I had a friend who was a florist.  Used to go into his shop all the time when I was in NY.  My story is about giving love a second chance.


Q: How do you build characters and their personalities and looks?  Wow this is a tough one; I generally get inspired by real life situations.  They are the kernel that starts the ideas flowing.   My latest idea is based on the art teacher I had for the watercolor class I took over the summer.   I base the personalities on who they are and their life situations.   And as far as looks.  I tend to go for the dark haired look but I wouldn’t say no to a blond haired guy either.


Q: Tell me about some of your heroes/heroines.

One of my favorite characters came from “Catch of the Day.”  It’s my first fantasy story.   It’s about a human falling in love with a merman.  Kellan moved from Chicago to the Florida Keys to start a new life.  He loved the water and started a fishing charter business.   One day while out fishing alone he catches Jaran, the merman.   Jaran didn’t expect to find love, certainly not with a human.  But it was like that force of nature took over and it was a one thing led to another kind of situation.


Q: What do you do when the muse decides to take a holiday or become really difficult? How do you try to coax them back to the drawing board?  The one thing I don’t do is try to force it back.  It never works.  I try to find other things to do.  Let inspiration strike me.   I find when I go about my day, get out and see new places my muse comes back to me.


Q: Do you have any specific things (or rituals) that help you to write or that inspire you?    I find going out for a walk, a change of scenery is very inspiring.  I make sure I have a writing pad with me just in case the writing bug bites me.



Q: If the world was to end tomorrow, what three things would be on your bucket list?   Spending time with my nephew, meeting my online friends who live abroad (seeing Europe/Australia with them) and seeing the west coast of the US


Q: Are there any authors who have influenced your work?  Yes, there are quite a few, but if I have to narrow it down.  I’d say Jan Irving, David Marshwell, Andrew Grey and Wendy Hislop (no she’s not a pro author but she is a friend who is a fanfic writer who inspired me to get my ass into gear and write 10+ years ago)


Q: What comes first for you: Setting? Storyline? Characters?   Sometimes the setting will inspire me to want to write a story.   I love train travel and one of my WIP is set on a train.    Characters are influenced on some of the ‘interesting’ people who have come in and out of my life.


Q: If one of your books became a movie, which celebrity would you like to star as your main characters?    Since I’m a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal’s I’d probably like him to take on a starring role.


Q: What do you have coming next? Anything you want to tell us?   I am hoping to have at least one or more stories coming next year.  But I’ve had some difficult real life issues that writing has had to take a back seat.  I hope that I can get something finished in a few months.


Q: If you came with a warning label, what would it say?   May cause intense laughter (I like to make people laugh)


Q: What else would you like readers to know about you or your work?  I’m a romantic at heart, love happy endings, though I know RL doesn’t offer many of those.   And that I hope they enjoy the journeys my books take them on as much as I enjoyed writing them.


Q: Where can we find you on the web?

Here is my blog

  Somebody To Love by Lily Sawyer

Secret Cravings Publishing


Contemporary MM

Sam Warner is busy working in his flower shop creating beautiful arrangements to celebrate all the happy moments in his customer’s lives. He only wished he had something joyful to celebrate.

He was in a relationship until the day he came home to an empty apartment and a ‘Dear John’ letter. Hurt and alone he decides he doesn’t want to be in another relationship ever again. But fate has stepped in and he meets Matt Doyle, the bartender at a local bar.

Can Sam give love a second chance?

Sneak Peek Excerpt

The Corner Pub was crowded for a Thursday night and several large TV sets were tuned to baseball

games. Sam Warner loved baseball. He decided to take a break from his flower store up the street and

wandered in. Settling into one of the comfortable seats to watch the game, he couldn’t help notice the

dark haired man tending bar. He wore a black t-shirt with the bar’s name emblazoned onto the front. He

must be a new guy because Sam didn’t remember seeing him before.

One of the other patrons sidled up to the bar and asked, “Hey, Matt, give me another beer, will you?”

Matt, so that’s his name, Sam thought not able to keep his eyes off him. Something about him made

Sam want to go over and say hello. He needed a refill, and seeing that as an opportunity to speak with

him, he got up and wandered slowly over to the bar.

“Come on, hit a home run!” A burly guy yelled at the screen and jumped up just as Sam arrived at

the bar, his beer landing all over the front of Sam’s green polo shirt.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” The man grabbed some napkins and dabbed the beer. “Let me buy you a


“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” Sam smiled reassuringly, and the guy disappeared back into the

crowd. Sam looked over at the bartender. He could tell Matt was trying to hide an amused smile as he

offered him a roll of paper towels.

“Here, use some club soda.” Matt handed Sam a glass filled with the bubbly drink.

After getting most of the stain out, Sam put the wad of paper towels on the bar counter.

The bartender threw them into the trash, leaned over and said, “I’m Matt Doyle,” held out his hand

for Sam to shake.

Sam accepted and looked down at their clasped hands, his blond hair falling down, partially covering

his eyes. Sam raised his head, his brown eyes looked back up into Matt’s blue ones.

“Mine’s Sam Warner.” He managed to get out without embarrassing himself. He could feel his

palms sweat. Something about being near Matt made him nervous.

“Pleased to meet you Sam,” Matt took a glass and poured some beer from the tap and placed it on the

counter in front of him.

Sam looked up and smiled. “You must be new. I’ve never seen you before.”

Something was going on between them, and Sam hoped it wasn’t wishful thinking. Not that long

ago he’d been in a serious four-year relationship that had ended badly. Ever since then he’d been reluctant

to date again.

“Yeah, I just started a week ago. I used to work at Daffy’s over on Second Street.”

“I’ve never been there.”

“You’re not missing much. The drinks are watered down, and the pay was lousy.” Matt restocked the

shelves behind the counter. “So you’re a baseball fan?”

“Oh, yeah been a fan ever since my dad took me to a game when I was seven years old.” He didn’t

know why he was telling this man his life story. Maybe what they said about bartenders being like your

father confessor was true. Matt certainly was not only easy to talk to, he was easy on the eyes as well.

“Who do you like?”

“Don’t laugh but I like the Mets.”

“Those guys? So you like rooting for the underdog.” Matt chuckled.

“Hey, what can I say? My dad got me hooked on them, couldn’t stop telling me enough about when

they’d won the World Series.” Sam gazed at Matt over the rim of his glass.

“I’m not knocking it. I think showing support for your favorite team is very admirable.” Matt’s smile

lit up the room, and it made Sam’s heart skip a few beats.

“Really?” Sam asked shyly.

Matt smiled back. “Sure is.”

Sam glanced at his watch and noticed how late it was. He decided not to stay to watch the end of the

game. A good night’s sleep is what was needed before he started filling more flower orders in the

morning. “Well, I better get going.”

“So soon?” Matt sounded disappointed. “It was nice meeting you, Sam.”

“Same here.” He turned around and walked toward the door but stopped when he heard Matt’s voice.

“Hey, there’s a game here on Sunday afternoon. Think you can make it?” Matt asked him.

“Nah, I’m busy, but maybe sometime next week?” Sam was reluctant to tell Matt he was a florist. He

didn’t want Matt to think he was less of a man because of his choice of jobs.

“I’ll catch you another time.” Matt said .

“I’ll be back,” Sam walked back to the bar and leaned in close to Matt and met the blue eyes with his

own. “Count on it.”

“Night, Sam.”


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  1. Your book sounds great. I love flowers too. And I enjoy making people laugh too. The world needs to laugh a lot more. Good luck with your real life issues.

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