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An obsession with warriors has led me to write about football players, Vikings, and SEALs. Being one of those either go big or go home type of people, once a topic piques my interest, I’m hooked, line, sinker, and whatever.

So when Loose-Id issued a call for a Christmas-song themed romance in 2010, I knew a SEAL would be the hero. For weeks in August I played every Christmas song I’d ever heard, but The Twelve Days of Christmas got stuck on replay in my head (don’t you hate/love when that happens?)

Okay, what can you do with A Partridge in a Pear Tree?

Put a master parachutist, Linc aka Sinner, who’s also a SEAL in the tree unconscious. Then have the heroine rescue him. Truly, I never expected the book to become a series, but when his buddies turned up with names like Satan, Devil, Demon, and Lucifer, readers began to ask when their books were coming. Thus was born The Hades Squad, a group of master parachutist SEALs, who when not on active duty, perform aerial acrobatics for charity events.

I’m happy to say that A Paratrooper in a Pear Tree won Passionate Plume’s best contemporary for 2010!

And Lucifer’s Choice, Book #2, won Top Pick at The Romance Reviews and Siren Book Reviews, as well as being nominated for Book of the Week at Whipped Cream.

Keep your fingers crossed for me for Deviant Devil.  And to titillate you – here’s a small excerpt from Deviant Devil:

I’m celebrating Deviant Devil’s release with a contest. Visit my site and answer these questions and you’re entered in a drawing for a restaurant gift certificate and a copy of Deviant Devil.

What’s Sinner’s real name?

What shape is Nalini’s belly ring?

What’s the  name of the private BDSM club where Devil wins Jess in an auction?


Deviant Devil – Excerpt:

“Dominix –”

“Devil, Jess. I’m in no mood for Dominix.”

“What does that mean?”

“Fuck if I know. Grab your purse and briefcase.”

When she obeyed his order, he reached over, unsnapped the seat belt, and hauled her high against his chest.

Jess closed her eyes and surrendered to the inevitable.

“How hungry are you?”

Somewhere along the line, she’d detached from the consequences of what would happen once they were alone. The battle not to succumb to Devil, not to yield to her dark fantasies, was over.

For tonight.

“I can wait.”

He stepped onto the landing.

Two spotlights spewed brilliance on them.

Lashes fluttering away the radiant dazzle, she missed him opening and closing the door. With each stride he took the interior of the dwelling brightened as if a dimmer turned. The soft amber glow revealed a square room sparsely furnished. She glimpsed a couch, a dining table, a counter, bar stools, and the most beautiful medieval style fireplace she’d ever seen.

“Last call. I can order something.”

Leashed violence radiated from him in heat waves.



Which one was he?

“I want to shower first.”

He skidded to a stop. Nudged her chin with his fist. Squinted, then stared right into her eyes, his jaw tight, his mouth turned down. “Just like that?”

All the unasked questions between them dangled and jumbled.

Why had she avoided him if bondage turned her on?

Not once since they met had he hidden his Dom side.

Had she deliberately misled him? Why?

Fuck if I know.

His earlier words did a plinking boomerang.

Averting her gaze, she rolled a shoulder.

Don’t go there.

One night of indulgence.

One night to get everything out of her system, then back to the norm.

The instant decision after so many months of palavering had her confidence soaring. The urge to tease him, keep him off kilter, mess with his mind the way he had hers, sucked long-buried feminine wiles to the surface.

“Why fight it?” She licked the flesh bared by his open shirt. “You. Me. Alone. It’s inevitable. Isn’t it?”

He snorted. “And then some.”

Lord, he smelled like all her fantasies rolled into one. His rasped inhale when she grazed her teeth over his chest zinged her clit. The slow furling of her nipples magnified the sparks tindering her skin a zillion-fold.

“Witch.” He cradled her jaw and sucked her bottom lip. Eyes wide open, he nipped the tip of her tongue studying her the way any predator does his intended victim.

Her vagina fisted.

Pain. Pleasure.

The flutter of his exhale amplified the tingling electricity crackling her inside out. She didn’t want any foreplay, wanted what she’d fantasized about for nine long months, him inside her, hard and fast, hammering her G-spot, slamming her clit.

A moan she couldn’t smother surfaced.

“That’s it.” He jerked back, face flushed, pupils so dilated she couldn’t discern his irises. “This is going to go down fast. First few times anyway. I’ve wanted in you for too long.”

Her fingers tightened on the bulging steel of his biceps. Her pussy throbbed, the rapid clench and pull of inner muscles flooding cream to labia swollen and sensitized and burning with need.

“Me too.” No way could she prevent the admission, not even if a killer had a gun held to her temple.

“Fuck.” He shifted her in his arms and halted.

Only then did she realize he’d stopped at sliding glass doors. The beauty of the vista beyond constricted her chest.

An eternity pool blended into the rippling waters of a wide, half-circle bay. A full moon drifted above the line of a bobbing horizon shedding a pixie-dust luminescence over an undulating ocean.

When he slid open the doors, the wet foliage aroma of fall teased a ruffling wind, the branches of a willow swept a graceful arc, and the low hoot of an owl drowned a cicada chorus. A gust fanned strands of hair across her cheeks. Devil tucked the errant strands behind her ear, the caress blazing like a lit fuse racing to explosion.

He set Jess down, her knees wavered, she grabbed his shoulders, and he hauled her tight to him. She heard his jerky inhale.

Release Date: 08/23/11

ISBN: 978-1-61118-511-9

Publisher: Loose-Id

Buy Link: http://www.loose-id.com/Hades-Squad-3-Deviant-Devil.aspx


Contact Info:

Email: Jianne@jiannecarlo.com

URL: www.jiannecarlo.com

Facebook: Jianne’s Facebook Author Page

Twitter: Follow Jianne on Twitter

Amazon: Jianne’s Amazon Author Page

Goodreads: Jianne Carlo on Goodreads

I’d like to thank the incomparable Raine Delight for hosting me on her blog. Come visit with me sometime!

Hope you enjoy!




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