Welcome to St. Nacho’s by ZA Maxfield

  Welcome to Santo Ignico or as the locals call it, ‘St. Nacho’s’, a sleepy beachside town where people come to relax and start over. Z. A. Maxfield’s St. Nacho’s introduced the readers to her wonderful cast of characters and in the next two books, Physical Therapy and Jacob’s Ladder, the reader falls more in love with St. Nacho’s. Now the next chapter is coming in Book of Daniel and as a treat here is your first taste of it of St. Nacho’s, book 1. I hope you enjoy Santo Ignico or St. Nacho’s, where you will find peace of mind and a love worth fighting for.

St. Nacho’s by ZA Maxfield

Book 1 in series

Loose Id

Contemporary MM


Cooper has spent the last three years running from a painful past. He’s currently moving from town to town, working in restaurant kitchens, and playing his violin for tips. As soon as he starts to feel comfortable anywhere—with anyone—he moves on. He’s aware that music may be the only human language he still knows. Ironically, the one man he’s wanted to communicate with in all that time is deaf.

Shawn is part of a deaf theater group at the nearby college. Shawn wants Cooper as soon as they meet and he begins a determined flirtation. Cooper is comfortable with down and dirty sex, just not people. As far as Shawn is concerned, dirty sex is win-win, but he wants Cooper to let him into the rest of his life as well.

Cooper needs time to heal and put his past away for good. Shawn needs to help Cooper forgive himself and accept that he can be loved. Both men find out that when it comes to the kind of healing love can bring, the sleepy beachside town of Santo Ignacio, “St. Nacho’s” as the locals call it, may just be the very best place to start.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices.

Sneak Peek into St. Nacho’s:

I grinned and turned away. Time to move on. Shawn’s gang was made up of people who shared a life like his. I knew the deaf community in the town where I grew up was insular and had its own social hierarchy. They were differently abled, and a man who made his life by his ears wouldn’t exactly be necessary or welcomed into their world.

I found my way back to Nacho’s and up into my small studio there. Somehow, with these four bare walls around me, I felt safer than I had in three years. It was a sanctuary of sorts and made me think I needed to find St. Ignatius and do whatever it is you do for saints. I just wanted to stay out of the harsh glare of public scrutiny, do my job, and then fade away like a sigh when it came time to relocate.

It wasn’t until that evening that I realized I’d blown the whole anonymity gig completely and that Shawn would inadvertently play a part in making me the center of controversy in sleepy St. Nacho’s.

I was playing “De Colores,” a mariachi tune as classic as margaritas on the fifth of May, when Shawn, who had the night off, and all his friends came in. Really, it was a quiet Thursday night at the bar, sometime between the dinner rush and the dancing that would follow when ten o’clock rolled around. I was beginning to enjoy this — the hour when I could play and chat with people I wouldn’t call friends, but acquaintances. They listened with enthusiasm, a lot of them, because they’d never had anyone play just for them. The old fancy French restaurant staple of a violinist who played romantic music for a table was as foreign a concept in St. Nacho’s as…well…a fancy French restaurant. I could already hear the difference the practice was making in the way I played, and I wasn’t immune to the siren’s song of my talent. I was getting better.

When Shawn came into the bar with his friends, he immediately sat the group at a table on the patio where I was playing and went to get them a round of drinks. He had three men and two girls with him. Their little party was so lively; they caught every eye in the place. Shawn returned and Kevin put a protective hand on the back of his chair. He and Shawn began to talk, and I saw a lot of glances headed my way. Kevin’s looked a little frosty, and I wasn’t surprised. He kept a hand on Shawn, or his chair, the entire time. Shawn even knocked it off a couple of times, but Kevin simply put it back surreptitiously when he wasn’t paying attention.

Shawn waved at me and I gestured back with the neck of my violin without interrupting the piece. He and Kevin engaged in some sort of discussion. They all looked like passionate debates, and he scooted his chair away from Kevin’s a little. Then Shawn smiled at me with the kind of smile that usually meant leaving town. And from the way Kevin stared at his profile, I saw I was right. Whatever they were saying, I would not be staying in St. Nacho’s long enough to find out.

I turned and worked the tables in the opposite corner, deliberately. When it comes to a smile like the one on Shawn’s face, I had to say, I was not immune to its charm. It spoke to me of summer and liking a boy because he helped you off the ground when another one shoved you. It reminded me of music camp, pancake breakfasts, cold lemonade, and playing in the orchestra at the Mall of America and going on an amusement park ride with the first chair cello, only to find out that he wanted to kiss me as badly as I wanted to kiss him. It was an open, curious smile, free of guile, which I could not even look at for its brightness and its hope.

Then suddenly, he was standing right before me, having tired of trying to get my attention any other way, and between songs I sighed and smiled back. He held out a beer as an offering, and I shook my head and declined, telling him firmly that I did not drink.

Wide, curious eyes that told me nothing met mine. “Iced tea?” he asked, carefully signing and speaking the words.

I nodded. He left to get me a glass and brought sweetener and lemon back with it on a saucer. “Play for me,” he said. “I’ll watch.” He indicated the violin.

What devil possessed me, I couldn’t say, but perhaps the simple troublemaker that was my constant companion made me take his hand and place it on the bottom of my violin as I began to play “La Habanera,” from Carmen. His eyes widened, and he jerked his hand back completely as if it burned when I played the first few notes. Kevin leaped to his feet.

Oh, yeah. I’m a fucking Venus flytrap, all right. A man-eater.


Physical Therapy, book 2 in St. Nacho’s Series

Contemporary GBLT

Loose Id

When Jordan Jensen moves to St. Nacho’s he has one goal in mind: starting over. He wants to reconnect with best friends Cooper and Shawn yet is uncertain of his welcome. He has the skills to get a job, but isn’t sure any prospective employer can get past the time he spent in jail for alcohol-related vehicular homicide. He’s past the worst part of his life but knows it will haunt him forever. So Jordan plans a life of quiet service. One thing he knows for sure: finding love is entirely too much to ask.

On the first day of his new job, Jordan meets Ken Ashton. Ken has every reason to hate Jordan for his past and only one to seek him out: Ken’s baseball career was shattered in a drunk-driving accident. But for some reason he can’t explain, Ken needs Jordan’s touch and finds healing within Jordan’s warmth and strength. Jordan wants to give Ken everything his new partner needs.

Without entirely understanding it, Ken and Jordan develop a powerful emotional and erotic connection, but Ken must help Jordan find the faith to trust it. Unexpected help comes from the people of Santo Ignacio–and the town itself–a place where Physical Therapy can be a path toward spiritual healing and powerful, passionate love.

  Jacob’s Ladder, Book 3 in St. Nacho’s

Contemporary GBLT

Loose Id

Jacob “Yasha”” Livingston is having a bad day. First there is the head cold. Then the orgy, the fight, and the hospital. Between that and the bus driver who ejects him — after accusing him of transmitting the Swine Flu — the rest of his day seems fairly vague. Now he’s stuck in a small town called Santo Ignacio and he has a whole lot of thinking to do.

One thing is, when fate speaks in the form of an EMT, maybe it’s time to listen. One man in particular, EMT Jason “JT” Lents, with his shy smile and jade green eyes, seems more like an angel than a paramedic. But Jason has a date with a newer, prettier girl every night, despite the fact that he seems to return Yasha’s interest.

What will make JT happy? If JT is afraid of his feelings it might be Yasha’s chance to heal the healer. For this couple to find their way, it’s up to Jacob, his new friends, and the magic of St. Nacho’s.

And coming August 30th, 2011….Book 4 in the St. Nacho’s series, the Book of Daniel.

Dan has come to St. Nacho’s like many others, looking for a new life. He’s made peace with his sexuality, even though he’s involved in a bitter divorce. He’s rethinking his career which up until now has been real estate development. And he’s suddenly free to sample all the encounters that life as an out-and-proud gay man in a very liberal town has to offer. There’s no shortage of takers either, because between Nacho’s Bar and his brother’s new French style bakery and cafe, St. Nacho’s has become something of a hot spot for gay vacationers.

The only problem is, while Dan is trying to enjoy some reckless abandon for a change, his eyes, and his heart, keep landing on the blond, beefy, and delicious person of one firefighter named Cameron, who despite being known far and wide as St. Nacho’s biggest player seems to have nothing at all to say to him.

Life isn’t perfect. Minerva at Rune Nation, St. Nacho’s occult bookstore has declared him “St. Nacho’s Enemy Number One”, the man most likely to ruin the peaceful little town forever. She’s enlisted the help of Izzie, the aura reading body builder and Muse, Dan’s brother Yasha’s best friend to keep him under surveillance at almost every hour of the day and that’s cramping his style.

Dan has to decide where his heart, and his home will be.

About ZA Maxfield

I have no excuses.  I started reading Yaoi when my kids decided they had to read every manga ever published and I got tired of little ninja boys and magical girls.  I sat in the corner with Descendants of Darkness and my world was officially rocked.

I started to read love stories between men, and my official position is that if one hot guy in a book is good, then two is arguably better.  If you add to that the fact that I believe everyone should have a happy ending?  Well, this is the end result.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories.  Each one is carefully hand crafted with love, humor, and just the right touch of… er… touching.

Website: www.zamaxfield.com

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