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Once again, this is Rawiya aka Michael Mandrake, BLMorticia, otherwise known as the multi-personality author or the confused one. If you like, we can just call me crazy. I don’t mind.


Today, I’m blogging about being in the closet or on the down low about reading gay fiction. I’d like to thank, fellow gay fiction author, Christopher Koehler for this idea since it came up in the recent interview I did with him a while back.

Are you, as readers, ashamed to admit you enjoy gay fiction or erotica? Does it bother you that you have it in your library? I’m wondering because there are a lot of people out there with opinions or valid reasons and since I’m one of the authors contributing to the Its Raining Men blog, I decided to bring it up.

A while back on one of our blog posts, we had a commenter say she wouldn’t be able to join the Facebook IRM page because her friends or friends of friends not liking the fact she reads gay fiction. In other words, she was concerned that she’d receive even more flack if the page profile showed up on her personal page.

Now, let me preface this by saying I will not get into anyone’s personal business by getting involved in discussions between friends or relatives. However, I’m miffed as to why what you read would bother someone that claims to care about you.

Here’s another example. Does it bother those same people that you read Steven King, who often writes stories about murders, horror, and such or are they concerned about the vampire stories by Anne Rice who have homosexual overtones?

Again, it’s only an opinion but I really would love to understand why someone would be offended by what you read. DO they think you’ll become gay by reading it? *laughs* OH SHUDDER. Will you become a psychopath by reading Carrie? Hope not!

Why is it when we talk of something unacceptable by friends or family, it involves the gay community? The bottom line is, the hetero women, married ones especially, love gay fiction! In the few months that we’ve ran the IRM blog, the majority of visitors to our Facebook are women. UNREAL right? It shows up on our insights. Yep, Facebook is following you! Gay writings are very “hip” these days. And the number of female gay fiction romance authors and readers increases by leaps and bounds everyday which means lots of ladies love it. Why be ashamed? Why let your friends dictate what you are and what you enjoy? In my opinion, they aren’t people who care about you but again, that’s only my opinion.

Even if this were true in my case, I wouldn’t allow my friends or family tell me what to read or write. My mom is a Jehovah’s Witness and is very aware that I read and write gay fiction. So is my husband, my 12 year old son, and my little brother. My friends are my fans, even those who don’t read gay romance. Do they understand that I read and write it? Probably not. Do I care? NO!

I’m sure this blog will piss a lot of people off but the bottom line is, everyone has their own thoughts and these are mine. I’m sure a lot of people who write and read some blogs aren’t into gay fiction or m/m but as a writer, the internet, specifically blogs, is a perfect place to express our thoughts. In no way is my intention to change anyone’s mind, only to invoke conversation.

So, in closing, how do you feel about it? Are you hiding your enjoyment of gay fiction? Are you concerned about what your family and friends think about our choice? If so, why? Your enjoyment is your pleasure. It shouldn’t have to be hidden. You are your own person and should be able to like what you like.

Now go out there and support your gay fiction authors. *laughs* I’m joking. Do what you feel you need to but, in my opinion, you should “come out” from under the cover’s ladies and gentlemen because no one should be able to steer you away from the simple pleasures you enjoy.

Live your life for you!



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Hesitant to begin a relationship with someone new, two police officers who have lost their partners in the line of duty try to deal with their obvious attraction to one another. Will one of them accept the other’s proposition to start over or remain alone because of their places on the police force?





While we continued to chat, I noticed DeClerc in my peripheral. I couldn’t help but stare at him. I moistened my lips, biting the bottom as he came closer.




“Um, hello…” I looked past the chief to take a long gander at Daniel. I stood up, extending my hand. “I’m Farris Beason.”


He accepted. “Daniel Declerc. Nice to meet you.” The handshake was firm, his hands soft like a female.


Don chuckled, “See Beason, if you would’ve been in the right frame of mind you could’ve joined Daniel today.”


While we exchanged smiles, I gawked at the pretty face in front of me. Daniel was even more gorgeous up close. The only distraction was the defect on his finger. Who was lucky enough to call him theirs? I had to find out.


“Pity,” Daniel said with a grin. “Maybe when you’ve recovered from your wild night?” He cocked an eyebrow.


I laughed, “Yeah, um…maybe…”


We’d broken our hand gestures but not our gaze. Maybe he did play for my team, but the question remained, who was he married to?




6 thoughts on “Welcome Sharita Lira today

  1. I don’t hide it at all. Frankly I don’t care what anyone has to say about anything I do, reading/writing related or otherwise. Although, I do take a certain perverse delight in telling people, and watching their expressions go from confused (wait…you read what?) to shocked (omg…you read WHAT?) to either interested (huh…) or disgusted. My personal favorite situation was when I found a copy of a book by Erastes at my local Barnes and Noble (shock of all shocks, considering where I live). I bought it – I think I may have even had the ebook already, but I bought it to make a point. Took it up to the register, and the woman wrinkled her nose and said “You *read* this smut?” I grinned widely and said, “honey, I WRITE that smut.” 😀 Screw what anyone else thinks.

  2. Great post, Sharita. I noticed this ‘reading in the closet,’ too. As a fan and author of gay fiction I do not hide how much I love it. Though I did seriously offend some crazy chick when her parents asked me what I write and I said, gay erotica. *shrugs* Its bound to happen but I will still read it and to hell with anyone who knows!

  3. Sharita, you are very right in that nobody should dictate what you read. But let’s play devil’s advocate, for all those closeted writers with fake names. The same arguments apply to them, and yet they all have what they consider valid reasons for not writing as who they really are.

    Maybe if everyone were themselves, the world would start to come to an understanding of both sides. The hiding done by both readers and authors isn’t helping a damn thing, it just reinforces the sense of “shame” that the so-called straight community is quick to heap on them.

    That’s just my opinion, of course.

  4. I’m not the least bit shy about what I read and write, and people can either accept my choices, or not.
    Would I prefer everyone like and respect what I read and write? Of course, just like I respect other’s choices. But that’s me, and I fully understand there are people who for whatever reason aren’t comfortable exposing everything about themselves.

    Now, my neighbor has no problem exposing himself and has the arrest record to prove it.

  5. Welcome everyone and thanks Sharita for being my guest today. As a life long reader, no one and I do mean NO ONE, dictates what I can read-be it hetero stories or Gay fiction. I absolutely LOVE GBLT stories and have a ton in ebook and I am slowly buying prints of my favorite books now.

    I remember sitting in the laundromat a few months ago, reading Promises by Marie Sexton and an old lady proceeded to ream me out for reading this smut. *shakes head* O

    f course I couldn’t slap her silly but man I can imagine it. 🙂 No what I said back to this cranky witch was “If you don’t like it, then please go sit elsewhere. I am not bothering anyone except you.”

    *shrugs* My DH likes to say I have a MM fetish in my reading but as I tell him it’s because the stories call to me as a reader. I am firmly out of the reader closet and proud of it. *grins*

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