Talking with Tony-Paul de Vissage/CONTEST

Having two books come out within two days of each other is sort of like having Christmas one day and your birthday the next. I have had that pleasure, having been born two days after Christmas, and two weekends ago, I also experienced the other when my horror novel The Night Man Cometh was released from Class Act Books, and within a day, Sweet Sips of Blood, from the UK publisher Vamptasy, followed.

These two books are in complete opposition to each other. The Night Man Cometh is a traditional vampire story. Damian la Croix became a vampire by choice, and he never regrets it for a moment. His story begins in the year 1249, when, to escape the Black Death, he chooses to become an Undead. Like the vampires of old, Damian is unrepentant and irreverent; he revels in his immortality, lording it over the poor, weak humans who are so frail they barely last out their fourscore and one. It would’ve been easy to make my main character into a villain, but I chose to make him sympathetic in spite of his blatant superiority, for Damian has a fatal flaw. He’s sworn never to force anyone to follow him through the centuries; the woman he loves has to come willingly, and perhaps because of that, he’s been alone for three thousand years now. They swear they love him, but…at the last moment, every one changes her mind and chooses mortal death over immortality. Still, Damon continues his search. There’s someone waiting for him, he’s certain…but it takes an asteroid striking the Earth and the near-devastation of humankind before she appears…and when he finds her, it’s both a shock and a delight.

The cover for The Night Man Cometh was suggested by myself and created by artist Jinger Heaston, a very talented young lady. Buy Link:

Sweet Sips of Blood, on the other hand, is an anthology, ten tales showing mostly the lighter side of being a vampire, though there are one or two tales which are bittersweet, and a couple downright chilling… A vampire with a toothache seeks out a most unusual dentist… A vampire sees past the wrinkles and white hair to court a woman he loved 30 years ago… After the apolocalypse of 2012, the surviving vampires and mortals band together to fight a common enemy… A lonely ferryman takes a foreboding stranger across a river, and earns himself a gratitude later coming in handy…

“The Best Dentist in Orange County”, “Sometimes, Love Returns”, “Blood Will Freeze”, and “Shadow’s Crossing”… Each story is a sweet sip of a vampire’s secret soul.

Sweet Sips of Blood has a sexy cover, featuring the publisher herself as the vampire’s victim. Buy Link:

To celebrate the release of these two books, I’m giving away a free download from Vamptasy Publishing. Just answer this question (and include your email addy): What year did Damian LaCroix become a vampire?


7 thoughts on “Talking with Tony-Paul de Vissage/CONTEST

  1. I love your writing. You have a great talent. Hope I win. The year was 1249…and I can almost smell the rotting corpses from here.


    P.S. If you ever want me to write a review for you, just let me know.

  2. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say 1249?
    Damian sounds like a very intriguing character…..I recently bought _Sweet Sips of Blood_ and I’m really enjoying it, btw!

  3. Having recently discovered your work and find it most delightful. The crisp, fast paced style makes reading fun. Love the images wrought and the characters. Looking forward to finding all of your books and adding them to my library.

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