Welcome Kenzie Michaels/Molly Daniels

Hi and welcome to my blog, Kenzie Michaels. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake. So tell us a little about yourself.

Hi Raine, thanks for having me today. (Eyes cabana boys and takes the offered Pina Colada Margarita) I’m wife, mom, Aunt Grandma to the neighborhood kids, and addicted to my laptop every morning. I’ll read anything which catches my eye, and have been that way since learning to read in kindergarten. I started writing my own stories at age eleven and wrote my own ending to Star Wars at age fourteen. Completely screwed it up; I am not destined to write sci-fi!

Q: What genre do you write and for what publisher(s)

I write primarily Adult Contemporary Romance, although I have two paranormal storylines wanting to be written. I have four stories contracted with Freya’s Bower, one with XOXO Publishing, and now Secret Cravings Publishing.

Q: Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it?

A brief addiction to the Food Network Channel, plus an impromptu discussion about past jobs held. I started reminiscing about my first waitress job, and one of the young girls I championed one summer. I decided to work one particular anecdote into the book I was writing, and everything came together.

Q: Who are some of your favorite characters from your books? The hardest to write? The easiest?

I’ve been lucky; several of my books have practically written themselves. Natalie and Brian from Class Reunion; Austin and Cara from Off The Clock; Steve and Angie and Brad and Emma from Wild At Heart; and Tammy and Kevin from Teacher’s Pet. The hardest one to write is the one I’m working on at the moment. I thought I had everything ‘fleshed out’ in my mind, but then my summer got hectic with family life and my characters went on vacation. I’m hoping they’ll return after the kids go back to school!

Q: What do you do when the muse decides to take a holiday or become really difficult? How do you try to coax them/she/it/he back to the drawing board?

Normally, I just relax and do other things while I’m waiting for inspiration to return. But it’s been roughly 18 months since the muse grabbed me and wouldn’t let go, so I’m looking forward to his return.

Q: Is there a genre you haven’t tried yet but plan to in the future?

As I said, I have two paranormal romances on the back burner, and hope to get to them soon. I have no idea if they will pan out to be any good, but it never hurts to challenge yourself creatively.

Q: If the world was to end tomorrow, what three things would be on your bucket list?

Trip to Italy and Greece
Swim with the dolphins
One last night of dancing with my best friend.

Q: You’re on a remote island with a handsome man/woman, a computer, and a “mysterious” source of electricity to power your computer. What do you do?

Hope the handsome man has survival skills! I want shelter, fire, good drinking water, and food. Then I settle down to write in peace, with him for inspiration.

Q: What comes first for you: Setting? Storyline? Characters?

Characters and storyline. I’ve got too many wips which stalled on the first chapter because I wasn’t sure where I wanted the story to go. So I try to have some sort of plot device in mind when I begin writing.

Q: If one of your books became a movie, which celebrity would you like to star as your main characters?

In Wild At Heart, I see Matthew McConaughey as Steve; Rachel McAddams as Angie; Amy Adams as Emma, and Gerard Butler as Brad.

Q: What do you have coming next? Anything you want to tell us?

I’m working on two separate projects at the moment. I’m editing Teacher’s Pet, which will hopefully be released this fall, and I’m also gearing up for the rerelease of my alter-ego’s Women’s Fiction series. The first one rereleases in October; the second in December; and the third is slated for publication in January.

Q: If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

“May contain adult language and content. Reader discretion is advised.” And to my friends…. “Contains inside jokes. Laughter is expected.”

Q: What else would you like readers to know about you or your work?

I’m open to suggestions from readers. I had no idea All She Ever Wanted would end up in a trilogy, until a reader asked for Brian’s story. And as I wrote it, the characters from another wip entered. Bam! Instant trilogy. And I’m a fan of series, so I’ll be happy to make any of my stand-alones into one!

Q: Where can we find you on the web?

All over the place.

Website: http://www.mollydaniels.wordpress.com

Blog: http://kenziemichaels.blogspot.com (weekly, unless I have news)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mollyjdaniels

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/KenzieMichaels

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_at_ep_srch?_encoding=UTF8&sort=relevancerank&search-alias=books&field-author=Kenzie%20Michaels

Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/appetite-for-desire?store=ebook

ARE: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/storeSearch.html

BookStrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/appetite-for-desire

Appetite For Desire:
Blurb: Dustin James is shocked to learn the sexy blonde he met two days earlier is none other than his father’s caterer who also works at the country club he’s recently joined. When he can’t keep his hands off of her, is lust for her sexy body all he wants, or is it love?

Courtney Bright defied the rules by admitting her attraction to the new customer at the country club. But when she realizes her feelings aren’t just sexual, will she take a chance on love, or is her job more important?

Buy link: http://secretcravingspublishing.mybigcommerce.com/products/Appetite-For-Desire.html

He was certainly no slouch in body gyrations. Courtney smiled as he matched her move for move, and somehow she instinctively knew what he would do next. She felt his hands skimming her hips, and she retaliated by placing hers on his biceps. She danced closer, moved his thigh between hers and locked eyes with him. She sensed the unspoken hint of future pleasure. At the end of the suggestive song, he twirled her sideways and dipped her, his left arm supporting her as his lips descended on hers. She no longer wanted to be in a public place with him.

“We make quite a team,” he murmured in her ear as he let her up. “Want to go somewhere quieter and talk?”

Her good sense vanished. She still tasted him on her lips and she wanted more. She nodded and clasped his hand as they made their way through the crowd and out of the bar.

Once outside in the muted hallway of the hotel, Dustin swung her into his arms and pinned her against the wall next to the row of pay phones. His tongue invaded her warm mouth, gently stroking hers, and Courtney ached to be closer to him. His arms snuck under her shirt and up her damp back, deftly unhooked her bra and moved around to cup her generous breasts in each palm.

Courtney moaned into his mouth as he rolled her nipples between her fingers. His kiss sent longing straight to her crotch, and she knew the moisture soaking her panties had nothing to do with the heat of the nightclub.

Dustin’s mouth left hers and traveled to her ear. “Courtney,” he breathed as he lightly pinched her nipples. “I want you. Come with me?”

“Where?” Her mind was fuzzy with the spiraling sensations his fingers caused.

“My room.”

Thanks for having me today Raine!


18 thoughts on “Welcome Kenzie Michaels/Molly Daniels

  1. Love your choices for the actors/actress parts for Wild at Heart. Love the interview and how in the world did you screw up Star Wars? This is definitely a store I need to hear. LOL!

    1. LOL:) My entire focus was getting Han and Leia reunited; there was nothing about Luke finding out Vader was his father. Jabba was portrayed as a forgetful leader (think cheesy sci-fi here!) and the guards brainless twits:) One of these days I’ll post it in installments on my blog.

  2. Hey Mollie–you’re way too restrained about the handsome man on the desert island–I’d have jumped him. Nice interview–I’m looking forward to reading Wild at Heart–my beloved daughter’s name is Emma. And welcome to Secret Cravings! Meredith

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