Welcome Darlene Fredette today

Hi and welcome to my blog, Darlene. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake. So tell us a little about yourself.

It’s a pleasure to be here, Raine. I’ll have a Pina Colada. Thank you boys!

Q: What genre do you write and for what publisher(s)?
After receiving several rejections from publishers, years ago, I began to wonder what exactly was my writing style. The publishers told me they loved my writing and story, but it didn’t fit with their contemporary romance line. Then I discovered Chick Lit books and BAMB! a light went on. I now classify my writing as romance with Chick Lit flare! My debut novel, Keeping Secrets, is due for release with Secret Cravings Publishing in August.

Q: So tell us a little about Keeping Secrets. What inspired it?
My story inspirations come from many things, but mostly they just pop in my head…and usually while I’m cleaning the house. By the time my house is clean, I have a story completely mapped out in my head. It’s getting it to print that’s hard, lol!

Q: Who are some of your favorite characters from your books? The hardest to write? The easiest?
I really like Samantha, who is in Keeping Secrets. She’s strong, independent, and has a great sense of fashion. All my heroines are easy to write, because they tend to come alive in my head. It’s my heros who make things difficult…typical men! Lol!

Q: What do you do when the muse decides to take a holiday or become really difficult? How do you try to coax them/she/it/he back to the drawing board?
When my fingers and head won’t communicate with each other, there’s no convincing them. I step away…or clean the house…that always works, lol!

Q: Is there a genre you haven’t tried yet but plan to in the future?
I have a magical/fantasy story swimming in my head. I keep a journal of each story idea that comes to me, and add notes as the story unfolds. There’s a romantic element to the story, which all my stories have, but this one is definitely out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait to start it!

Q: If the world was to end tomorrow, what three things would be on your bucket list?
Good question! Number one, spend every waking moment with my family. Number two, fly. When I was younger, a family member owned a four-seater plane, and I was able to go for a short ride. I loved it and haven’t had the chance to be in the air since. And number three, goes with number two…I’d fly with my family to Australia.

Q: What comes first for you: Setting? Storyline? Characters?
Definitely the storyline, then the characters blend in. Once I have the characters acting out the story, the setting soon follows.

Q: If you were a comic book character, who would you be and what super powers would you have?
Speedy Gonzalas. That mouse can move! I’d like to have his speed so I could get all the things that have to be done in a day, finished in a matter of minutes.

Q: What do you have coming next? Anything you want to tell us?
I’m currently editing the very first story I wrote ten years ago. It’s titled Law Of Attraction. I also started a fun Christmas story, as well as several other stories that are sitting in my journal waiting to come to life.

Q: Where can we find you on the web?
My web site: http://findingthewritewords.blogspot.com
Facebook: Darlene Lf
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DarleneLF

You can read my excerpt here: http://www.secretcravingspublishing.com/DarleneFredette.html

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Raine! Great questions, and the drink was delicious!

Keeping Secrets coming to Secret Craving Publishing August 8th,2011

Samantha Witherspoon is a strong, independent, businesswoman, determined she clashes with Matt Sullivan, the stubborn contractor who refuses her renovation project, Samantha returns to her childhood home to convince him.

Sparks fly, tempers flare, and Samantha quickly realizes that befriending the rugged contractor isn’t as easy as she thought.

Despite her reservations, desire ignites between them under the city stars of Montreal. His mere touch makes her long for the kind of love she thought she’d never have. When a mystery box reveals devastating family secrets, Samantha decides it’s time to come-clean with Matt. But before she can, her secret arrives on her doorstep. Samantha’s heart is torn. Will a promise made to her late-grandmother prevent her from finding true happiness?


6 thoughts on “Welcome Darlene Fredette today

  1. My apologies for being arriving so late today, Raine. Thank you for inviting me to your blog. With the edits and proofing now complete on Keeping Secrets, the release day nears. It’s very exciting! How am I going to celebrate? I plan to smile ALL day, lol! Maybe even invite a few friends over to share in the excitement of my debut novel.

  2. Yay, Darlene! What a great interview! Speedy Gonzales, huh? I never would have considered him, but you’re right! That would make getting things done a lot easier! I can’t wait for Keeping Secrets to be released! You are on your way, sweetie! Here’s to much success and many more sales!! Big hugs from the states! Oh! And Raine, I love your blog. Very pretty and your questions were assume! Great job, Ladies!!

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