Six Sentence Sunday

I have been seeing other authors do this on their blogs so I decided to give it a chance. This is from a WIP in my Destined Mates series, Betrayed by Destiny. Enjoy…….

Sniffling, Max wiped his face with his hands and lay against the couch, “So we were not destined mates but that doesn’t mean we didn’t love one another, damn it.” Throwing the couch pillow across the room in a fit of anger he saw it strike the vase Jaden picked up on one of their excursions at the antique shows. He watched it wobble back and forth, like it was on slow motion then fall off the stand and shatter into pieces. That crash had him screaming out loud as the pain of Jaden’s exit finally became real. The pain was all consuming and he didn’t know how long he stayed curled up on the couch alternating between whimpers, crying and fits of anger. He ignored the phone ringing, the pounding on his front door…everything and everyone. He wanted to be alone and wallow in the misery that his life had become.


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