Guest Author Day with Toni V. Sweeney

Let’s Browse the Shelves for My Books

Sometimes I like to daydream of what it would be like to be in a bookstore and overhear the following conversation:

“Do you have Toni V. Sweeney’s latest novel?”

(That’d be an ego-swelling event.  I’d have to fight not to rush over and hug the customer.)

And the clerk’s answer:

“Toni Who?”

(Definitely an ego-deflator!  I’d want to deck him/her, and shout, “Me!  You ignoramus!” and throw my business card on his/her hand.)

But the conversation goes on:

“Toni V. Sweeney.  You know, she writes that great series The Adventures of Sinbad and under her pseudonym Icy Snow Blackstone, she wrote Three Moon Station and its sequel The Finer Gentleman.”

A blank look from the clerk.

The customer looks shocked.  “You mean you never heard of her?  Or her books?  My God She’s written 27 novels!  And you don’t have any of them?  What kind of store is this?  Perhaps I should go somewhere else!”

That brings a reaction from the clerk.  “Don’t worry, ma’am.  We can order any book you want, and…”  rattling of computer keys.  “Yes, I do see that we have those you mentioned in our online store…”


The customer is momentarily mollified but with a sniff.  “Good.  I’d like to order the last novel in The Chronicles of Riven the Heretic.  Barbarian Blood Royal.  I hear there’s a new series coming out tied to it so I’ll be back to order that, too.”


More keys rattle.  Instructions as to when the book should arrive to be picked up, etc.


The customer leaves with a parting shot.  “You know, you might consider putting some of her books in the stores.  It might improve your sales.”


The clerk looks thoughtful.  After a moment, she hurried over to where the manager is standing.  “Ma’am, a customer just made a request…”


The following week, there’s a display of Yours Truly’s latest directly across from the entrance…and a notice…Book Signing by the Author Today

It should happen, right?

Nevertheless, I think I’ve got stories to fill most people’s reading preferences…and a stroll through my bibliography should back what that claim.

Like Westerns?  There are two:  Walk the Shadow Trail and Vengeance from Eden, both written for Nebraska’s sesquicentennial.  One is the story of the friendship between a German nobleman and a Pawnee half-breed, and the woman who comes between them.  The other asks the question:  After a man gets his revenge, does he have anything else to live for?  They’re both available as e-books, in print, and as audio books.

If Romance is your preferred genre…have I got some tales for you!  From either Icy Snow or myself.    If you like your romances Southern and Sultry, Icy Snow has that slightly racy Bargain with Lucifer and its sequel Brother Devil—with its tale of sibling rivalry’s near-tragic results.  Want something a little lighter?  Then try Gypsy Charm, featuring Tomas, a cat with an earring and a secret.

Hunger for Romance from another era or futuristic?  I’m right there beside I.S. with the aforementioned Chronicles of Riven the Heretic, a romantic Conan the Barbarian-style family saga about a disbelieving opportunist, the barbarian slave who rocks his world, and a revenge by the gods which makes him the father of a dynasty.  Neck-to-neck with Riven in the love department is Sinbad, the cat man from Felida… fugitive from justice, smuggler, law-abiding citizen, head of a multi-billion Credit shipping conglomerate…Sin and his Terran wife Andrea have fought and loved their way through four stories so far, and they aren’t finished yet!  And there’s the aforementioned Three Moon Station with its tale of a man from a pioneer planet and his mail-order bride, as well as its sequel The Finer Gentleman, taking that said man and bride from their home and dropping them down in an affluent and hypocritical society.

Want Romance with a Paranormal tinge?  Try Murder in Old Blood, in which a vampire with a conscience helps a human policewoman solve a series of murders, only to discover old crimes never go unpunished.  Or Icy Snow’s The Irish Lady’s Spanish Lover, with its tale of unrequited love from five centuries before spilling over into death in the present.  There’s tongue-in-cheek romance, as in Love, Vampire Style and Demon in Blue Jeans, where the “bad boys” get their day but meet their matches.  Or Wizard’s Wife.  Join faery wizard Tavis McMuir and his human wife, Megan, as they fight to save the unsuspecting world from a magical invasion by evil fae Exeter Dubhtina.

If you’re in for “straight” horror, pick up Serpent’s Tooth…a modern reworking of Faust.  Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll, and Demon Worship…the back cover blurb says it all.

The dream of being seen on B&N bookshelves may be just a dream, but my books are alive and kickin’ and doing well…in online bookstores, at least.  Start Googling, from Amazon to All Romance, I’ll be there!



The Adventures of Sinbad, The Chronicles of Riven the Heretic, Murder in Old Blood, Vengeance from Eden, Walk the Shadow Trail, and The Irish Lady’s Spanish Lover are available from Double Dragon Publishing…

Serpent’s Tooth, Bargain with Lucifer, Brother Devil, Wizard’s Wife, and Gypsy Charm are available from Class Act Books…

Trailers are also viewable on  and


One thought on “Guest Author Day with Toni V. Sweeney

  1. Enjoyed this post. Hope your fantasy is a reality real soon. What an impressive lineup of novels you have to offer! Congrats on the new series.

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