Jamie Samms interviews Raine Delight

Today instead of me chatting with a guest author, I was interviewed by the lovely Jamie Samms. Being in the hot seat on my blog was fun. Hope you enjoy yourself here today as Jamie puts me in the hot seat.

We’ve been crossing paths on the web for a few years, now so I know you’ve been at this business for some time. So my first question is this: does it still hold the same magic for you as it did when you first started out? What’s changed and what’s stayed the same?

Raine answers: First off thanks Jamie for having me here. Right now I have to admit there are some days I wonder why I am in this business. It’s a tough business to be in and you really have to have a thick skin too. What you write may not appeal to everyone and of course, everyone has an opinion on your work-be it they hate/love the cover, storyline, characters names, etc. It can be a catch-22 some days.

With that said, after a rough 2010 where I wondered if I should even be in this business, 2011 came with new beginnings and the return of my love of creating stories where romance and fun are center stage. That reassured me that I wasn’t done with the writing and that my lovely and oh so annoying muse decided that I needed a swift kick to get moving.

That is so good to hear, Raine 🙂 And obviously, you aren’t done, because I was poking around your coming soon page, and I see a heavy emphasis on paranormal titles. Those shifters really seem to speak to you. Any idea why that is?

Raine answers: Egads..I never knew I had so many shifter stories in the pipeline until I looked it over. *laughs*

I love shifters of all kinds and for some reason half my characters insist they are one. LOL Trying to argue with them that they are something else is a losing battle so I leave them be.

Isn’t arguing with characters always a losing proposition? lol! So while we’re on the subject, if you were told tomorrow you had to join the shifters of Devon’s Falls, which type of shifter would you chose to be? And of course, why?

Raine answers: *blinks* Really? Well how cool is that?!? 🙂 Frankly I love the big cats…panthers, cheetahs, etc. They are full of grace and so regal. I love writing about them so I would to be one. J

Cats. Love cats 😀 As an m/m author, I don’t read a lot of het romance, but I have to say, that Devon Falls series really has my interest. So, given that a boy/girl romance has to be pretty special to catch my interest, convince me, because I know you can. 🙂

Raine answers: Wow…for you to say that has me honored. 🙂 My Devon Falls books are near and dear to my heart. Each story is stand alone yet there is a special storyline that starts in book 1 that readers will be able to following the other four books. *grins* Nope not telling and plus I got some different paranormal creatures roaming the place as well. Who doesn’t love a few wolf shifters, a dragon, sex mage, dream walker and a few new surprises coming in future books to be walking about town? Besides my heroes may be alpha males but they melt when they find their destined mates. To see these strong men become a puddle of goo over their women is something I love to write about.

This series has five books currently at Secret Cravings (awaiting release dates) and coming in 2012-2013 the final 4 books will be written. I have the stories centered on or around the holidays (Christmas, Yule, Halloween, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day) and the founding families descendants are main players.

If you like quick hot stories that have a little spice (light bondage anyone?) to wet your appitite, then I recommend reading Devon Falls. I am humbled readers embraced this series in their hearts and ask for more. J

I notice, when tooling about your yahoo loop, among others, that some questions from new authors come up over and over, and the gist of it is: Should I write my story the way it’s coming out or should I bow to popular opinion/my beta reader/my best friend/my cat and write it the way they suggest because they seem to think more people might like it that way. I know what my answer to that question is. What’s yours?

Raine answers: First off, I write the way the story is told to me. Blank document on word program and go from there. I can’t write like Nora Roberts or Maggie Shayne, obviously but if something works for me then I can not change it. My advice is write first for yourself what you want to read. If you are being forced to be pigeon-holed in something (or your voice is being changed in a manuscript) then something is wrong. I have pulled books because I will not let someone else dictate how my story is to be. My feeling is that it’s my name on that story and I need to be comfortable with it in order to send it out to publishers. If I get a rejection then I move on and file it away. Somewhere, there is a place for my books, just have to find it.

That’s great advice. We’re so much on the same page, there. So as the obvious next question, has there ever been a time you wished you followed your own advice, but it was too late to take it back?

Raine answers: I wished, when I started out, that I researched publishers better. I have been with a few where they folded in a matter of a year or so and I never got my royalties or it was a big pain to get my rights back. Trust your instincts and research, research, research. I learned my lesson the hard way and now when I am looking to submit, I really go into research mode and get my questions answered before I am signed there.

And let’s talk about things you can still change to your heart’s content. That is, what you’re working on now. Is there one thing in particular that won’t let you go? Or do you manage to divide your attention between different projects?

Raine answers: I am pleased to say I wrote my very first MMF ménage for Shadowfire Press and needless to say I am freaking scared to death. *laughs*

Excellent! I bet you’ve got nothing to worry about.

MM genre is something new to me and one I absolutely love to read in my spare time. Currently I have two WIP in various stages for MM genre and am hoping to see if I can do justice to it.

I have two brand new series coming, on top of the re-release of Devon Falls, coming late 2011 and into 2012. Destined Mates is a “what happens when fate decides your mate isn’t who you think it should be?” question. I am having loads of fun in creating this new world and the paranormal aspects keep giving me new ideas on top of it. J

Club Fantasy is another series that is near and dear to my heart. It’s a bdsm private club that is for paranormal beings and humans. I love the combination of genres and I am eager to give the readers a glimpse into my new world here.

I’m eager to see this one. Paranormal and BDSM. Love!

Needless to say my muse is not happy unless he is giving me ideas for books lately. J

Is anyone’s muse happy when they’re not tormenting us? LOL! Okay. That was a lot of thought-provoking questions all at once. Let’s go for a few off the cuff answers next:

1. Your favorite romance trope to use and abuse sigh…I use that one word…a…lot. I am trying to fix it. J

2. Current favorite author that is like trying to ask me who my favorite kid is. LOL Right now I am into James Rollins, JD Robb, Lee Brazil, Joyee Flynn, Cherise Sinclair, Kayelle Allen, ZA Maxfield and many more.

3. The last genre you would never read, no matter what Horror. That is one genre I won’t touch with a ten foot pole. *shudders*

4. Best thing to do after a good writing sprint when you’ve been in the zone I give myself permission to go relax and read in pleasure or I do a celebratory dinner. J

5. Next movie you must see The Green Lantern, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Transformers 3, and a few others.

Normally, at this point, an interview ends with “So where can we find you on the net?” which obviously doesn’t apply here, because, well, we’re here 🙂 So instead, why not share with your readers one thing they don’t already know about you. Like your favorite childhood stuffie, or the one thing you would never, ever eat, or maybe the one thing a person could do or wear that would totally catch your attention and make you want to know more.

Raine answers: *laughs* Ok here it goes….I love white Chocolate and won’t say no to cheesecake from cheesecake factory. Want to grab my attention? Then bribe me with one of those two items and I am yours for the duration. LOL

Note taken ;p

Thanks, Raine, for letting me barge in here and chat you up. Hopefully, your readers have learned a little something new about you. i know I have. For instance, we have a lot of fav authors in common, also, horror: ick, and The Green lantern! oh yeah! lol!


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