New Series-Destined Mates-Coming in 2011

I have a brand new series coming to Shadowfire Press in late 2011. It’s about the “What if your destined or fated mate isn’t who you thought it may be?” premise.

The first book is called Bewitched by Destiny and has a cranky, alpha panther shifter finding out that his destined mate is the aggravating witch next door. The one who hates all shifters and who’s spells seem to either start things on fire or blow things up. Let’s just say these two are like oil and water but man are they combustible.

Book 2 is tentatively called Betrayed by Destiny. It is about a cat shifter who finds himself dumped when his lover finds his destined mate and it’s NOT him. My first M/M story and one I am finding I have to write NOW!!! It has the main character named Maxwell who is a cat shifter and finds a new relationship with a lion shifter named Leo who, if Max will let him, to heal his shattered heart.

Book three hasn’t come to me yet but it does have a vampire, a fairy and a shifter. 🙂

Book 1 will be out November 2011, Book 2 in 2012 with book 3 in 2013. More information to be coming soon when I get it.


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