A crazy writing day

Did you ever open an exsisting manuscript, thinking you were finally going to get this book done and themuse goes…”Nope buddy, I decided we will work on this new story instead.” I had that happen to me this evening. Listening to some Josh Groban tunes, I was already to open my one book I needed to get done and WHAM! The muse pulled it from under me and shoved this scene in my face when Josh’s “Where you are” played. A broken man, a shattered heart and the scene flowed into over three thousand words in 20 minutes. The story wouldn’t let me go and I just had to finish writing it.

What came out of this burst of writing was a new book I am calling “The Forever Love” since no title is coming to me right now for it and it’s a M/M Paranormal about a cat shifter and a lion shifter finding their forever love after the heartbreak of a relationship.

I am thrilled over it and eager to see where it goes. Max and Leo are driving me nuts but in a good way. Now to explain tot hem I NEED to get this book done before I get tossed on my arse by my editor.


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