Welcome to my new blog

Hi all,

Due to blogger removing my blog, I had to redo a new one. I am getting everything situated and whatnot so please bear the dust as I remodel. Thanks for coming by.


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4 responses to “Welcome to my new blog

  1. I have blogger, good luck with this new blog can’t wait to see it when you have completely moved in :)

    • Thanks Dominique. Been trying to get everything on here and it is so time consuming. *grins* I am playing around with it tonight, so hopefully I can get it all up and done by end of this weekend.

  2. So sorry they screwed up your blog. You had put a lot of work into that! So far, this one looks fine. Especially the eye candy for Monday. Woot!

    • Thanks…I know and my other two blogs I work on are fine. *sigh* Now I am trying to figure out how to put my facebook widget and twitter button on this. WordPress is confusing. :(

      Aren’t my mancandy yummy? *grins* Gives me quite a pick me up. lol

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